Top Six Most Romantic English Movies

These are My Top Six Most Romantic English Movies. To those who are in love, not in love, single, married, parents, friends and family these movies are for you.
These are My Top Six Most Romantic English Movies. To those who are in love, not in love, single, married, parents, friends and family these movies are for you. 1.) A Walk to remember (2002) is an American romance film by Nicholas Sparks. A walk to remember is based on a novel written by Sparks itself inspired by his sister Daniel Sparks Lewis who died of cancer on 2000. Starring Shane West as Landon Carter, a popular guy in school yet rebellious who fell in love with the preacherís daughter, a conservative and religious Jamie Elizabeth Sullivan played by Mandy Moore. Love Quotation of the Movie: By Landon Carter after Jamie Sullivanís death Ė Their love is like the wind; he canít see it

, but he can feel it. 2) If Only (2004) is an American romantic drama film starring Jennifer Love Hewitt as Samantha Andrews and Paul Nichols as Ian Wyndham. The film directed by Gil Junger. You have a hard heart if you will not cry and get affected after watching this movie as the story twisted to an unexpected end. 3) A love Story (1970) considered as one of most romantic love story of all time by the American Film Institute. Starring Ryan Oí Neal and Ali MacGraw. A very heartwarming love story of two young students , Oliver who came from a wealthy family and a well-respected Harvard University graduates with an intelligent working student of Radcliffe College Jennifer Cavalleri who felt in love with each other and decided to get married even against the will of Oliverís father. Jenny who diagnosed by leukemia died being tightly embraced by her husband Oliver at the hospital bed. After knowing what happened with Jenny, Oliverís father hurriedly went to New York to extend his help for Jenny but the latter is already dead. ďLove means never having to say youíre sorry.Ē Oliverís answered to his father when he apologized to him. Thatís was Jennyís favorite line about love. 4) The Notebook (2004) a romantic film based on the novel of Nichols Sparks and directed by Nick Cassavetes. It is a love story of a young couple Noah Calhoun and Alie Hamilton who fall in love on the year 1940ís narrated by an elderly man. The film which ranked # 4 at the box office starred by Ryan Gosling and Rachel Mc Adams. The notebook tells about the social differences of Noah and Alie that set them apart but determination, courage and true love bring them back together. 5) Titanic (1997) a very romantic film starring Leonardo Di Carpio and Kate Winslet and directed by James Cameroon. This epic romance and disaster film is a story of a young couple Jack Dawson and Rose Dewitt Bukater who fall in love through their voyage inside the huge Titanic under some circumstances. Until a tragedy happened, a shipwrecked that causes Jack death. This story proved how strong their love was despites of the family opposition, chaos and tragedy. The film Titanic is considered as one of the most expensive film. 6) The Lake House (2006) is an English remake of a Korean Drama II Mare. A love story of a couple who met each other through a letter left in a mailbox at a different period of time. The main set of the story was the house by the Lake whom Alex Wyler played by Keanu Reeves was an architect lived on year 2004 and it was Kate Forster starring Sandra Bullock on 2006. Their love story goes on by exchanging letters through the mailbox at the lake house. The movie was quiet confusing at first but you will start to love it and found it breath-taking when Kate found out that the guy she saw on the year 2006 hit by the car was the man she loves on 2008.

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